Gotech ECU


Our primary goal is to achieve horsepower. Gotech ( has a reputation for its ability to develop the fastest vehicles at racetracks. As the performance market began to grow, Gotech’s success ultimately led to the production of products for the performance car market, long before it became a popular thing to do. 


Gotech specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced Engine Control Units (ECU's) and their accessories. These include wiring harnesses, state of the art software and user manuals etc. Thus far Gotech has created unparalleled high performance ECU’s which include the Gotech MFI and the Gotech MFI Pro. The latest and most powerful ECU is the Gotech MFI ProX. 

Gotech Racing: 

All of Gotech’s products are under extensive testing for performance and reliability. Gotech maintains a visible presence at racetracks through Gotech Racing and has sponsorship commitments with some of the best racing teams. This assures our customers that our products are not only proven through dyno testing but real world testing as well. 


Gotech products are put to test by various automotive publications including the Speed and Sound, Performance Ford and Track and Race Car magazines. In the end, the results of these independent tests are always the same – Gotech consistently outperforms the competition.